1. Is Gold Plated / Oro laminado real gold?
No, gold plated / oro lamindao style jewelry is all copper metal based. All our gold plated jewelry is metal copper based with a thin cap layer of a mix of 14k - 18k gold. Do not treat is as real gold as the product can be damaged!
2. Does it turn green or will it fade?
Unless the product becomes damaged it will not turn green. Our products are not real gold so wear and tear will happen depending on use. The quality of our products are very good and durable and will not begin to fade for 8-16 months depending on use.
3. Do you have real gold?
Yes! We now carry real 10k and 14k solid gold products. These products are real solid gold guaranteed! Check them our here:
4. What's your return policy?
We have a 14 day money back guarantee. Buyer will have to pay return shipping cost. Item must be in same condition when it was bought. You will receive an immediate refund upon return.
5. Shipping Details
Shipping is fast and free! We handle the order immediately and deliver on next business day. Item ships from Southern California U.S.A and arrives within 3-5 business days inside the United States.

How to take care of gold plated / laminated jewelry for longer life of products:

  • Do not use any chemicals on products. (Perfumes, chlorines, soaps etc...)
  • Avoid excessive water / sweat on product.
  • Avoid placing with other metals.
  • Use cloth for cleaning.